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A comprehensive set of resources are identified below to assist with answering your questions related to proximity issues.

Railway / Municipality Proximity Issues

This comprehensive list includes the challenges that can affect the relationship between railways and local communities. Read the descriptions to learn about some of the issues and sub-issues that municipalities and railways can work together to overcome.

Reference Documents

Make use of helpful resources such as press releases, brochures, presentations and videos. For in-depth information, there are technical documents such as reports, case studies, guidelines, plans and policies.

Pertinent Legislation

View federal statutes on topics that concern all Canadian municipalities such as transportation, railway safety and the environment. Also, learn about specific municipal bylaws that affect railway-community relationships, for example, land use, zoning and anti-whistling.

Railway Maps*

Observe detailed maps of each province that identify railway lines in major cities as well as small urban and rural communities. Rail lines are identified by railway and subdivision.


See which railways are operating in which provinces, and obtain contact information.

* The railway lines identified are those within Canada and owned/operated by member railways of the Railway Association of Canada.