What is Proximity?

Issues Definitions

5. Land Planning

Proper and coordinated land planning by both rail and non-rail entities is crucial to avoiding the very real incompatibility issues that come along with growing residential development in proximity to railway right-of-way. With economic growth and increased urbanization, proximity issues are also growing. Land planning and usage should be characterized by cooperation and consultation amongst all stakeholders so that solutions are found which deal with all concerns. Proper land planning (for example land banking) goes a long way to mitigating future problems. Proactive land development must deal with very important issues of safety and the environment, as well as impacts on rail operations. Land planning and use guidelines are in development. Land planning issues can be rail initiated or municipal/provincial initiated.

5.1 Rail Initiated

Railways initiate long-term land use planning to accomplish service, safety or operational goals. MORE >

5.2 Municipal / Provincial Initiated

Municipalities and provinces share responsibility for and use planning. MORE >