Railway Contacts

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Agence métropolitaine de transport
Paul Côté, President & CEO
Tel: (514) 287-2464

Dave Nichols, Chief Transportation Officer
Tel: (215) 349-2499

CN CANADA, Public Inquiries Line
Tel: 1-888-888-5909

CP CANADA, Community Connect Line
Tel: 1-800-766-7912

CSX Transportation Inc.
John Walsh, Director, Infrastructure Protection
Tel: (904) 359-3720

Nipissing Central Railway Company
John Thib, Vice-President, Rail Services
Tel: (705) 472-4500

Ottawa Valley Railway
Daryl Duquette, General Manager
Tel: (705) 472-6200

Québec North Shore and Labrador Railway Company Inc.
Nick Trépanier, Superintendent Rail Operations
Tel: (418) 965-6959

Roberval and Saguenay Railway Company, The
Benoit Gauthier, Superintendent Operations and Maintenance
Tel: (418) 699-2433

Romaine River Railway Company
Daniel Leblond, Superintendant oper.& rail road main./yard and dock/ Plant Integrity and Equipment Manager
Tel: (418) 538-2400

Train Touristique de Charlevoix Inc.
Nancy Belley, General Manager
Tel: 418-435-5775

Tshiuetin Rail Transportation Inc.
Orlando Cordova, General Manager and Chief Operating Officer
Tel: (418) 960-0982

VIA Rail Canada Inc.
VIA Rail CANADA, Safety, Security and Risk Management – Community Involvement Line
Tel: 1-514-871-6230