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Quebec city councillour wants to help B.C. cities solve train problems (CBC British Columbia)

(September 2016)

A Quebec city councillour is trying to get B.C. municipalities to sign on to a plan to deal with noise and danger issues stemming from railways crisscrossing through Canadian cities. Cynthia Lulham speaks to Robert Doane about the issue.

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Montreal adopts new guidelines for residential developments near railway operations

(February 2015)

OTTAWA, February 5, 2015 – The City of Montreal has become the first major urban area in Canada to adopt the Guidelines for New Development in Proximity to Railway Operations into its long-term development plan. The guidelines – developed by the Federation of Canadian Municipalities (FCM) and Railway Association of Canada (RAC) as part of their joint Proximity Initiative – address railway-community issues concerning noise, vibration, and safety.

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Opinion: Montreal's land use and development plan puts the city on the right track (Russell Copeman, Special to Montreal Gazette)

(February 2015)

Urban planning may not be considered the most exciting public policy issue, nor is it one for which it is particularly easy to drum up much public interest. However, the recently adopted Montreal urban agglomeration land use and development plan is crucial to our vision for livable, sustainable communities for the next decade.

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Interchange - Winter 2015

(January 2015)

The Winter 2015 edition of Interchange magazine features a story on the 2014 Canadian Rail Summit, where the City of Montreal was presented with the Merrill Henderson Award for its leadership in community-proximity awareness.

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Group wants safe rail setbacks in Montreal's urban plan

(November 2014)

By Jason Magder, Montreal Gazette

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City of Montreal wins Merrill Henderson Award for its leadership in community-railway proximity awareness

(September 2014)

City of Montreal has been selected as the first-ever recipient of the Merrill Henderson Award for its proactive approach in identifying and planning for new residential developments in proximity to railway operations. Anie SamsonMontreal city councillor and chair of the city's public-safety committee, accepted the award today at the 2014 Canadian Rail Summit.

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Planning in Proximity to Railways

(July 2014)

Raymond Beshro MICP, OUQ, is Senior Officer, Community Planning and Development for the Canadian National Railway Company (CN) and a member of the FCM-RAC Proximity Initiative Guidelines Committee. His excellent article in Plan Canada (Spring 2014), on the role of urban planners in land use planning and the implementation of the FCM-RAC Proximity Guidelines can be viewed here.

Latest FCM Rail Safety Issues

(July 2014)

FCM makes recommendations on proposed Grade Crossing Regulations


Railway Safety Working Group meets to discuss federal action on rail safety

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RAC President's Message - Providing Safe, Reliable Rail Transportation of Crude Oil in North America

(July 2014)

On both sides of the Canada-U.S. border, we are solemnly reflecting on the one-year observance of a terrible tragedy. On July 6, 2013, 47 people were killed when a train hauling crude oil derailed and exploded in Lac-Mégantic, Que. While freight rail companies in our countries have excellent overall safety records, this horrific event, however anomalous, has brought about a re-dedication to safety. MORE >